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Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban Structure (Model Test 8)

Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban Structure (Model Test 8)

Soal Tes TOEFL dan Jawaban Structure (Model Test 8)

1. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the United States developed the reusable space shuttle ________to space cheaper and easier.
A. to make access
B. and making access
C. which made accessible
D. and made accessible.
2. Genetically, the chimpanzee is more similar to humans _______.
A. are than any other animal
B. than is any other animal
C. any other animal is
D. and any other animal is
3._______more than 65,000 described species of protozoa, of which more than half are fossils.
A. Being that there are
B. There being
C. Are there
D. There are
4.The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 ___ nearly unanimously through the United States Congress.
A. passed
B. in passage
C. having passed
D. passing
5.Modern skyscrapers have a steel skeleton of beams and columns ___a three-dimensional grid.
A. forms
B. from which forming
C. and forming
D. that forms
6.The average level of United States prices grew very little from 1953 until the mid-1960’s when ____________.
A. did inflation begin
B. inflation began
C. the beginning of inflation
D. did the beginning of inflation
7.The basis premise behind all agricultural production is _____available the riches of the soil for human consumption.
A. to be made
B. the making
C. making is
D. to make
8.___to the United States House of Representatives in 1791, Nathaniel Macon remained in office until 1815.
A. Election
B. Why he was elected
C. Elected
D. Who was elected
9.________ of classical ballet in the United States began around 1830.
A. To teach
B. Is teaching
C. It was taught
D. The teaching
10.The universe is estimated ___between 10 billion and 20 billion years old.
A. being
B. to be
C. which is
D. is.
11. A situation in which an economic market is dominated by a ____ is known as a monopoly.
A. single of a product seller
B. product single of a seller
C. seller of a product single
D. single seller of a product
12.____ freshwater species of fish build nests of sticks, stones, or scooped-out sand..
A. As the many
B. Of the many
C. Many
D. Many of them are
13.Newspaper publishers in the united states have estimated ___________reads a newspaper every day.
A. nearly 80 percent of the adult population who
B. it is nearly 80 percent of the adult population
C. that nearly 80 percent of the adult population who
D. that nearly 80 percent of the adult population
14. The foundation of all other branches of mathematics is arithmetic, _ science of calculating with numbers.
A. is the
B. the
C. which the
D. because the
15.Nylon was ___the human-made fibers.
A. the first of which
B. what the first of
C. it the first of
D. the first of

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Soal Tes TOEFL dan Jawaban Structure (Model Test 7)

Soal Tes TOEFL dan Jawaban Structure (Model Test 7)

Soal Tes TOEFL dan Jawaban Structure (Model Test 7)
1. Many scientists believe _____ as a result of a collision between the newly formed Earth and a large asteroid.
A. that the Moon was formed
B. in that the Moon was formed
C. that the Moon formed was
D. when the Moon was formed
Kunci Jawaban: A. that the Moon was formed

2. The organ-pipe cactus is _____ in the United States.
A. Rare that
B. It rare
C. so that rare
D. rare
Kunci Jawaban: D. rare

3. Willa Cather,_____, gained recognition for her books concerning the American frontier.
A. a novelist and Pulitzer prizewinning
B.a Pulitzer prizewinning novelist
C.a Pulitzer prizewinning novelist who
D.was a Pulitzer prizewinning novelist
Kunci Jawaban: B. a Pulitzer prizewinning novelist

4. The average wavelength of visible light is 2,000 times _____ the diameter of an atom.
A. much as
B. as great
C. greater than
D. more than that
Kunci Jawaban: C. greater than

5. _____ ants live in nests, which may be located in the ground, under a rock, or built above ground and may be made of twigs, sand, or gravel.
A. Most
B. The most of
C. Most of
D. Of the most
Kunci Jawaban: A. Most

6. The banking systems of the world have many similarities, _____ they also differ, sometimes in quite material respects.
A. of which
B. in spite of
C. but
D. how
Kunci Jawaban: C. but

7. Learning that takes place in infancy provides the____ for the eventual transformation of a child into an adult.
A. foundation is necessary
B. necessary foundation is
C. necessary in the foundation
D. foundation necessary
Kunci Jawaban: D. foundation necessary

8. In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, Jacob Lawrence created many paintings _____ the lives of famous African American activists.
A. portayed
B. portrayed them
C. that they portrayed
D. that portrayed
Kunci Jawaban: D. that portrayed

9. The Centennial Exposition, _____ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1876, celebrated the one-hundredth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.
A. was held
B. to be held
C. held
D. by holding
Kunci Jawaban: C. held

10. In the dark abyss of the deep sea _____ is produced by luminescent fish.
A. because the only light
B. the only light
C. the only light that
D. is the only light
Kunci Jawaban: B. the only light

11. The classic American novel Moby Dick____ an account of the conflict between human beings and their fate.
A. may be regarded as
B. as may be regarded
C. regarded as may be
D.regarded may as be
Kunci Jawaban: A. may be regarded as

12. In the metals industry, hydrogen is used to prevent metals from tarnishing while undergoing _____.
A. treated by heat
B. heat treatments
C. by heat treatments
D. heat-treated
Kunci Jawaban: B. heat treatments

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban Written Expression (Model Test 5)

Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban Written Expression (Model Test 5)
Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban Structure
16. By 1899 Ransom olds had establish in Detroit, Michigan, the first factory in the United States for the manufacture of automobiles.
Kunci Jawaban: establish --> established
Topik Materi: Past Perfect (Had + past participle/VIII)
Permasalahan: seperti Have dan Has, Had mesti ketemu dengan kata kerja ke 3 (VERB IIII / Past Participle) seperti "established" bukannnya dengan kata kerja pertama (V I/Simple Form) seperti "establish". 

17. The progressive Movement is an umbrella tern refer to a number of reform efforts that emerged in the early 1900’s.
Kunci Jawaban: refer --> referring atau that refers
Topik Materi: Present Participle atau Adjective Clause 
Pelajari ke tiga jenis clause di link Subordinating Conjunction 
Permasalahan: "is" merupakan kata kerja dari subject "the progressive movement". Sementara jika menggunakan "refer" maka akan menimbulkan error "double verb". Jadi, kita butuh 1 conjunction (that).
Tips: 2 verb atau 2 clause butuh 1 connector (conjunction). 3 verb atau 3 clause butuh 2 connector (conjunction). 

18. The pelican is a water bird with a large pouch attached to its bill, which it uses as a scoop for catch small fish.
Kunci Jawaban: for à to
Topik Materi: perbedaan penggunaan “for” dan “to”.
Penjelasan: “for” dan “to” mempunyai arti yang sama yaitu “untuk”. Secara umum, untuk menyatakan sebuah tujuan, kata yang digunakan ialah “to”. “For” boleh saja digunakan tapi lebih terkhusus ke tujuan penggunaan (fungsi) umum dari suatu benda. Dalam konteks kalimat di atas, “to” dan “for” boleh saja digunakan. Lihat perbedaannya berikut
Tips & Trik: Bentuk pola (pattern) structure “to” dan “for” mempunyai perbedaan.
For + Verb-ing à for catching small fish
For + Noun à for a catch of small fish
To + Simple Form (infinitive) à to catch small fish
I went to the library to study last night. (√)
I went to the library for studying last night. (x)

19. The invention of reinforced concrete, plate glass, and steel in the mid-1800’s was enabled architects to design and build extremely tall constructions, or “skyscrapers.”
Kunci Jawaban: was enabled --> enabled
Topik Materi: Passive Voice
Tips Trik: Lihat pola passive voice
Subject + Be + VIII + (Preposition + Noun)

20. Acoustics, the study of sounds, is one of the oldest of the physically sciences.
Kunci Jawaban: physically --> physical
Topik Materi: Posisi Adjective dan Adverb
Tips Trik:

21. Each of functions of the body, even thinking, requires the expenditure of energy.
Kunci Jawaban: of functions --> of the functions 
Topik Materi: Definite & Indefinite Article
Tips Trik: Jangan pernah biarkan Countable Noun berdiri sendiri tanpa ada article atau possessive adjective. 

22. Gourds were introduced to what is now the southwestern United States by earliest peoples who migrated north from Mesoamerica about 7000 years ago.
Kunci Jawaban: earliest --> the earliest
Topik Materi: Definite & Indefinite Article
Tips Trik:

23. The economic heart of Canada, Ontario accounts for more than 40 percentage of the nation’s productive capacity
Kunci Jawaban: percentage --> percent
Topik Materi: percent VS percentage
Tips Trik:

24. Virtually all parts moving of an automobile need to be lubricated because, without lubrication, friction would increase power consumption and damage the parts.
Kunci Jawaban: parts moving --> moving parts
Topik Materi: Posisi adjective 
Tips Trik:

25. Rarely has a technological development had as great an impact on society as the rapid grow of electronics.
Kunci Jawaban: grow --> growth
Topik Materi: pemilihan kata Verb VS Noun
Tips Trik:

26. The North American Review, a magazine was first published in 1815, was one of the leading literary journals of the past woe centuries.
Kunci Jawaban: magazine was --> magazine atau magazine that was
Topik Materi: Appositive atau (Reduced) Adjective Clause
Tips Trik:

27. Fuel is any substance or material that reacts chemically with another substance or material to produce hot.
Kunci Jawaban: hot --> heat
Topik Materi: pemilihan kata Adjective VS Noun
Tips Trik:

28. Glint was a favored material of prehistoric humans, which used it to make tools and weapons, because it would chip into shapes with sharp edges.
Kunci Jawaban: which --> who
Topik Materi: Adjective Clause
Pelajari ke tiga jenis clause di link Subordinating Conjunction 
Tips Trik:

29. Mutiny of a ship’s crew against the captain signifies the breakdown of the obedience and discipline required to deal effectively to perils at eat.
Kunci Jawaban: to --> with [deal to --> deal with]
Topik Materi: preposition atau phrasal verbs 
Tips Trik:

30. Of all the art-related reference and research library in North America, that of the Metropolitan Museum of a Art in New York City is among the largest and most complete.
Kunci Jawaban: library --> libraries 
Topik Materi: Plural or singular Noun 
Tips Trik:

31. Acclimatization is the process by which an organism adjusts to living in an environment to which it normally unsuited.
Kunci Jawaban: it normally --> it is normally
Topik Materi: Passive Voice
Tips Trik:

32. Glaciers, mass of ice that flow outward from ice caps, cover about one-tenth of earth’s land area.
Kunci Jawaban: mass --> masses 
Topik Materi: singular or plural noun atau pronoun preference
Tips Trik:

33. Some species of bacteria and fungi thrive on such simply compounds as alcohol.
Kunci Jawaban: simply --> simple
Topik Materi: Penggunaan atau posisi dari adjective dan adverb
Tips Trik:

34. In 1923 Alice Paul began campaign to promote the adoption of an amendment to the United States Constitution mandating equal rights for women.
Kunci Jawaban: an amendment --> the amendment 
Topik Materi: Article
Tips Trik:

35. Perhaps more than any other United States city, San Francisco is a collection of neighborhood.
Kunci Jawaban: neighborhood --> neighborhoods
Topik Materi:
Tips Trik:

36. Almost every the hereditary material of an individual organism resides in the chromosomes.
Kunci Jawaban: every --> each of
Topik Materi: Every VS Each 
Tips Trik:

37. Only with early seventeenth-century observers did the music of the original inhabitants of the United States and Canada entered recorded history.
Kunci Jawaban: entered --> enter
Topik Materi: Inversion of negative expressions
Tips Trik:

38. Perhaps the most distinctive features of sharks and undoubtedly one of the most important reasons for their success is their well-developed sensory system.
Kunci Jawaban: features --> feature 
Topik Materi: singular vs plural noun
Tips Trik:

39. The major economic activities of Cheyenne, Wyoming, include transportation, chemicals, tourism, but governmental activities.
Kunci Jawaban: but --> and
Topik Materi: coordinate conjunction (parallel)
Tips Trik:

40. The fiction writer, poetry, and critic Edgar Allan Poe is among the most familiar of American writers and one of the most enigmatic.
Kunci Jawaban: poetry --> poet
Topik Materi: pemilihan kata Noun thing dan Noun People 
Tips Trik:
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Kata Kerja (Verb) yang sering muncul dalam TOEFL (Part 2) :Synonym

Kata Kerja (Verb) yang sering muncul dalam TOEFL

Beserta Synonym 

Sinonim kata diujikan dalam tes TOEFL sesi Reading Comprehension. Dengan mengetahui kosakata-kosakata (vocabulary) bahasa Inggris beserta sinonim-nya tidak hanya berguna dalam meningkatkan kemampuan reading para pelajar bahasa Inggris tapi juga membuat writing mereka menjadi lebih baik, terutama dalam variasi kata.

1. His job is mainly to control the activities of everyone in the company with a view to making optimum use of the workforce.
Control /kənˈtrəʊl/ : mengatur, mengendalikan
Direct /daɪˈrekt/ : mengatur, memerintah

2. We normally suppose that most people nowadays have a computer at home.
Suppose /səˈpəʊz/ : mengira
Assume /əˈsjuːm/ : mengira, menganggap

3. Shakespeare said that some people achieve greatness, while others have it thrust upon them.
Achieve /əˈtʃiːv/ : mencapai
Attain /əˈteɪn/ : mencapai

 4. Did you notice a hint of pessimism in her report?
Notice /ˈnəʊ.tɪs/ : memperhatikan, melihat
Detect /dɪˈtekt/ : menemukan

 5. He was asked to disclose government secrets in exchange for money.
Disclose /dɪˈskləʊz/ : menyingkap, memperlihatkan
Reveal /rɪˈviːl/: membuka, menyatakan, mengungkapkan

6. If you want people to take you seriously, you should state firmly your reasons for change.
State firmly /steɪt/ /ˈː menyatakan dengan tegas
Assert /əˈːt/: menegaskan

7. Antibodies help our bodies to fight infection.
Fight /faɪt/ : berjuang melawan
Resist /rɪˈzɪst/ : melawan

8. Several attempts were made to improve the system.
Improve /ɪmˈpruːv/ : memperbaiki
Refine /rɪˈfaɪn/ : memperbaiki

9. Computer software will continue to develop in response to users' needs.
Develop /dɪˈvel.əp/ berkembang
Evolve /ɪˈvɒlv/ berkembang

10. They asked us to give our thanks and best wishes to the chairman.

11. The U.S.A. and Iran have often tried to resolve their differences, but with little effect.

12. It took him some time to tell the story, and it was late when he eventually finished.

13. The department was asked to propose some ideas for increasing student enrollment.

14. A revolutionary new scientific method may soon help to alter people's physical appearance without the need for surgery.

 15. His explanation seemed to confuse most people.

16. Would you reply to his question as briefly as possible.
Reply to

 17. The device is able to confirm whether a banknote is genuine or a forgery by analyzing the paper and print quality.

18. Some plants, such as beans, benefit the soil in which they are planted.

19. The rules are designed to eliminate obstacles that may discourage investors.

20. Everyone hoped that the results of his research would surpass their expectations.

21. Not all foodstuffs that come from animals are tested to ensure they are fit for human consumption.
Come from

22. Crime is a complex issue: we cannot simply blame poverty and unemployment.

23. He was asked to deal with the situation with tact and discretion.
Deal with

24. To make a new folder, click on the new folder icon at the top of your computer.

25. We were unable to obtain the information we needed from the committee.

26. There was general approval when the announcement to ban smoking on college premises was made.

27. His inability to act quickly enough will probably accelerate their decision to dismiss him.

28. Even a small change in economic circumstances can influence our spending habits.

29. Alternative therapies are often suggested for patients who reject conventional medical treatment.

30. The report was based on information that they managed to collect from all parts of the country.

31. The college rules require students to refrain from smoking and drinking inside the faculty buildings.
Oblige (usually used in the passive form: “Under the college rules, students are obliged to refrain…”)

32. Trends come and go, but there are a few that will always stay.

33. To ask for a loan, you will need to acquire a form from the student welfare office.

34. It is often argued that not enough laws exist to punish those who abuse the Internet.

35. The new technique will facilitate rapid identification of possible threats from unstable areas.

36. The company announced it will introduce a new version of its software in January.

37. The senator's relaxed attitude to the problem didn't reflect those of his constituents.

38. The governor was asked to insist on new measures to combat crime.
Insist on

39. We do not allow the use of cellphones in the building.
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Free Download Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: The Paper Test

Free Download Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: The Paper Test

Free Download Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: The Paper TestFree Download Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: The Paper Test

Rincian Buku
Penulis: Deborah Phillips
Jumlah halaman: 641 halaman
Penerbit: Pearson Education ESL; 1 edition (March 11, 2004))
Bahasa: Bahasa Inggris
ISBN-10: 0131408836
ISBN-13: 978-0131408838
Tebal Buku: 5.5 x 4.7 inci
Berat Buku: 2,7 pound
Penilaian Pelanggan: skor 3,9 dari 5 total (28 pelanggan)
Ranking di Amazon: 45,690

Isi Buku:
Complete language skills instruction for skills tested on both the TOEFL® paper test and the Test of Written English.
Longer reading passages that reflect the latest testing format. Diagnostic pre-tests and evaluation post-tests for each section that allow students to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
Practice exercises for each of the language skills that maximize understanding and retention.
Five complete Practice Tests that familiarize students with the actual test format and timing.

Link Download (PDF)
Untuk download Longman TOEFL paper ini, silahkan klik link Free Download Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: The Paper Test.

Link Download (Audio-MP3)
Untuk download Audio Longman TOEFL silahkan klik link di bawah:
1. Exercise Part A
2. Exercise Part B
3. Exercise Part C
4. Post Test & Complete Practice Tests
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