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IELTS Listening Section 2 (Sentence Completion + Multiple Choice) -C802

IELTS Listening Section 2 (Sentence Completion + Multiple Choice) -C802

SECTION 2 Questions 11–20
Questions 11–15
Complete the sentences below.
The Dinosaur Museum
11  The museum closes at ........................ p.m. on Mondays.
12  The museum is not open on ......................... .
13  School groups are met by tour guides in the ......................... .
14  The whole visit takes 90 minutes, including ......................... minutes for the guided tour.
15  There are ........................ behind the museum where students can have lunch.

Questions 16–18
Choose THREE letters, A–G.
Which THREE things can students have with them in the museum?
A food
B water
C cameras
D books
E bags
F pens
G worksheets

Questions 19 and 20
Choose TWO letters, A–E.
Which TWO activities can students do after the tour at present?
A build model dinosaurs
B watch fi lms
C draw dinosaurs
D find dinosaur eggs
E play computer games

Kunci Jawaban

11   1.30
12   25 December/Christmas Day
13   car-park/parking lot
14   45
15   (some) tables
16-18   IN ANY ORDER
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IELTS Listening Section 1 (Multiple Choice + Form Completion) -C801


Questions 1-10

Questions 1 and 2
Choose the correct letter, A B or C.

In the library George found
A   a book
B   a brochure
C   a newspaper

1. In the lobby of the library George saw
A   a group playing music
B   a display of instruments
C   a video about the festival
2. George wants to sit at the back so they can
A   see well
B   hear clearly
C   pay less

Questions 3-10
Complete the form below.
NAME:                                             George O’Neill
ADDRESS:                                      3 ………………….., Westsea
POSTCODE:                                   4 …………………..
TELEPHONE:                                5 …………………..
Price per ticket
No. of tickets
5 June
Instrumental group
- Guitarrini
17 June
Singer (price includes
6 ………………….. in the garden)
22 June
7 …………………..
(Anna Ventura)
23 June
Spanish Dance & Guitar Concert
8 £ …………………..
9 …………………..
NB Children / Students / Senior Citizens have 10 ………………….. discount on all tickets.

Kunci Jawaban

1   C
2   B
3   48 North Avenue
4   WS6 2YH
5   01674 553242
6   (free) drink(s)/refreshment(s)
7   (the/a) pianist/piano player
8   10.50
9   4
10  50%
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Kumpulan Tips Trick Menjawab soal TOEFL

Kumpulan Tips Trick Menjawab soal TOEFL

Kumpulan Tips Trick Menjawab soal TOEFL
Berikut disediakan beberapa tips dan trick secara komprhensif dalam meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris anda spesifik untuk mengikuti ujian TOEFL. 

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Kumpulan Soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression
Berikut disediakan beberapa soal TOEFL spesifik ke sesi sturcture and written expression yang beberapa diantaranya telah terdapat pembahasan jawaban sehingga dapat membantu Anda dalam mendeteksi sisi-sisi kelemahan Anda dalam mengerjakan soal TOEFL sesi structure and written expression. Diperuntukkan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan Anda dalam menganalisa kesalahan-kesalahan structure kalimat bahasa Inggris yang akan sangat membantu dalam writing. 

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Noun Clause (versi bahasa Indonesia) Part 2

Noun Clause Beginning with a Question Word 

Types of Sentences and Clauses in English
Gambar pola kalimat bahasa Inggris
Berikut akan dijelaskan pola-pola noun clause yang asalnya dari bentuk pertanyaan baik sebagai object dari kalimat maupun sebagai subject.
Sebelum membaca postingan berikut Anda mesti membaca (memahami):
2. Cara Membuat Pertanyaan dalam Bahasa Inggris

Noun Clause sebagai Object

Jenis Question menanyakan Object (Dengan Do, Does, Did)

Pada contoh (a) where she live merupakan object dari verb know. Pada noun clause, posisi subject terletak sebelum verb. Jangan gunakan susunan kata question pada noun clause.
Perhatikan: Kata kerja bantu does, do, did digunakan dalam question tapi TIDAK pada noun clause.

Jenis Question menanyakan Subject (Tanpa Do, Does, Did)

Pada contoh (d): question dan noun clause mempunyai word order (susunan kata) yang sama karena who merupakan subject baik pada question maupun pada noun clause
(e): what ialah subject.
(f) who ialah subject

Jenis Question menggunakan is, are, am, was, were

Pada contoh (g): she merupakan subject sehingga letaknya pada noun clause berada sebelum verb.
(h): those men ialah subject.
(i): that ialah subject
Who is at the door? = who ialah subject.
Who are those men? = those men ialah subject, olehnya membutuhkan verb yang berbentuk plural (are).

Noun Clause sebagai Subject

Pada contoh (j): What she said merupakan subject kalimat.
(k): they ialah subject
Perhatikan kalimat (k): sebuah subject dari noun clause dianggap sebagai singular sehingga membutuhkan verb yang singular pula. 

Soal Latihan Noun Clause Beginning with a Question Word

Noun clauses beginning with a question word.
Directions: Change the question in parentheses to a noun clause.
1. (How old is he?) I don't know how old he is.
2. (What was he talking about?} What he was talking about was interesting.
3. (Where do you live?) Please tell me ________________________.
4. (What did she say?) ________________________ wasn't true.
5. (When are they coming?) Do you know ________________________?
6. (How much does it cost?) I can't remember ________________________.
7. (Which one does he want?) Let's ask him ________________________.
8. (Who is coming to the party?) I don't know ________________________.
9. (Who are those people?) I don't know ________________________.
10. (Whose pen is this?) Do you know________________________.
11. (Why did they leave the country?) ________________________ is a secret.
12. (What are we doing in class?) ________________________ is easy.
13. (Where did she go?) ________________________ is none of your business.
14. (How many letters are there in the English alphabet?) I don't remember ________________________.
15. (Who is the mayor of New York City?) I don't know ________________________.
16. (How old does a person have to be to get a driver's license?) I need to find out ________________________.
17. (What happened?) I don't know ________________________.
18. (Who opened the door?) I don't know ________________________.

Selanjutnya akan dibahas pembentukan Noun Clause yang asalnya dari Yes/No Question (sesuai dengan gambar di bawah judul postingan ini).

Untuk referensi yang kami gunakan silahkan klik reference.
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