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Pengertian dan Contoh Kata Homograph

Pengertian dan Contoh Kata Homograph

Homograph: kata yang dieja sama

Homographs: words that are spelled the same

Homograph merupakan kata yang mempunyai spelling (ejaan) yang sama tapi mempunyai pronunciation (cara pengucapan) dan meaning (arti) yang berbeda. Di bawah telah kami berikan contoh kata homograph lengkap beserta meaning, pronunciation, dan contoh dalam kalimat. 
Homographs are words that have the same spelling but have different pronunciation and meaning. In the examples here, the pronunciation is shown at the end of each example.

(tundukan kepala) The actors came back on stage and took a bow. /baυ/
(busur) He learned to hunt with a bow and arrow. UK/bəυ/US/boυ/

(tutup) Close your eyes and count to ten. UK/kləυz/US/kloυz/
(dekat) Please keep close to the path, it’s easy to get lost. UK/kləυs/US/kloυs/

(isi, kadar) Soft drinks have a high sugar content. UK/ kɒn.tent/ US/ kɑ:n.tent/
(puas, senang) I was content just to stay at home and read. /kən'tent/

(sakit) Your muscles will contract if you get cold. /kən'trækt/
(kontrak) The new export contract is worth £16 million. UK/ kɒn.trækt/US/ kɑ:n.trækt/

(meninggalkan) He was planning to desert his family and go abroad. UK/dɪ'zɜ:t. US/dɪ'zɜ: rt
(gurun pasir) It hasn’t rained in this part of the desert for years. /dez.ət/

(mengantar) Just follow the signs and they will lead you to the exit. /li:d/
(timah) Gold is heavier than lead. /led/

(menit) Can I speak to you for a minute, Mr. Trent? / mınıt/
(kecil) We’ve got a small house with a minute garden. UK/maınju t/ US/maınu t/

(objeck, benda, barang) This small stone object is over 5000 year sold. UK/ ɒb.dƷıkt/ US/ ɑ b.dƷıkt/
(keberatan) I strongly object to these cuts in public spending. /əb dƷekt/

(proyek, pembangunan) The housing project will create 5000 new homes. UK/prɒdƷ.ekt/ US /prɑ .dƷekt/ 
(memproyeksikan) He’s trying to project a more confident image. /prə'dƷekt/ 

(menolak) I won’t do it – I absolutely refuse! /rı'fju: z/ 
(sampah) Put empty bottles here and other refuse in the bin. /'ref.ju :s/

(percekcokan, keributan) I had a blazing row with my girlfriend last night. /raυ/ 
(jajaran, baris) I looked quickly along the row of books. UK /rəυ/ US/roυ/ 

She noticed a tear in the corner of his eye. UK/tıər / US/tır/ 
To open the packet, tear along the dotted line. UK/teər / US /ter/ 

(dulu) There used to be a farm here, years ago. /ju: st/ 
(digunakan) Explosives were used to enter the building. /ju :zd/ 

(angin) Wind speeds reached 102mph last night. /wınd/ 
(membelokkan, memutat) You have to wind the handle to the left. /waınd/

(melilitkan, menggulung) He wound the rope around his arm. /waυnd/ 
(luka) In the fight, one young man received a knife wound. /wu nd/

Jika ada yang ingin ditanyakan terkait pengertian dan contoh kata homograph silahkan beri komentar Anda di bawah. Komentar Anda merupakan hal yang sangat berharga kami.

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