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Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban Written Expression (Model Test 1)

Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban Written Expression (Model Test 1)

Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban (Written Expression Model Test 1)
Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban
Di bawah ini kami posting soal Written Expression yang merupakan lanjutan dari soal Structure yang sebelumnya telah kami posting (kunjungi Soal TOEFL Structure dan Kunci Jawaban: Practice TOEFL 2). 

16. People usually wear clothing why two basic purposes — warmth and decoration.
Pembahasan Jawaban: why --> for

17. In 1890 Kate Hurd-Mead became medical director of the Bryn Mawr School for girls, one of a first schools in the United States to initiate a preventive health program.
Pembahasan Jawaban: a --> the

18. Superior to all others woods for shipbuilding, teak is also used for furniture, flooring, and general construction.
Pembahasan Jawaban: others ---> other. other + plural noun

19. Weather is the transitory expression of climate that can change great from day to day or season to season.
Pembahasan Jawaban: great --> greatly. Verb + adverb

20. Archaeological investigations indicate that control of fire is an extremely old technical attainment, though the time, place, and mode of his origin may never be learned.
Pembahasan Jawaban: his --> its. Pronoun reference 

21. Paul Revere designing the metal plates on which the first paper money in the United States was printed.
Pembahasan Jawaban: designing (adjective) --> designed (verb). Ada dua cluase -ditandai oleh connector on which. Jadi, mesti dua kombinasi kata kerja. 

22. It was after shortly microscopes were introduced at the beginning of the seventeenth century that microorganisms were actually sighted.
Pembahasan Jawaban: after shortly --> shortly after

23. Until the 1840’s, practically the only pioneers who had ventured to the western United States were trappers and a little explorers.
Pembahasan Jawaban: a little --> a few. a little + uncountable noun & a few + countable noun

24. Medical research indicates but large amounts of histamines can be responsible for colds, hay fever, and other respiratory reactions.
Pembahasan Jawaban: but --> that. indicate + that

25. Yttrium is a silvery, metallic element used in the made of red phosphors for television picture.
Pembahasan Jawaban: made --> making. noun + of atau the + noun

26. Tropical forests exists close the equator, where both high temperatures and abundant rainfall occur year-round. 
Pembahasan Jawaban: close --> close to. close to merupakan phrase umum 

27. The ease with which houseplants can grown causes them to be popular among amateur horticulturists. 
Pembahasan Jawaban: grown --> grow. Modal + Verb 1 murni

28. According to classical musical tradition, the term “sonata” is given to those works are written for solo piano or for a solo wind or stringed instrument
Pembahasan Jawaban: works --> whose works. Lebih mudah dengan pendekatan pemaknaan

29. Precisely because photographs are produced by mechanical devices, a camera’s images now seem to some artists the perfect means for expression the modern era. 
Pembahasan Jawaban: for expression --> for expressing. Lebih mudah dengan pendekatan pemaknaan

30. The discovery of the magnetic effects of coils made possible to measure an electric current
Pembahasan Jawaban: made possible --> made it possible. Mudah dijawab jika terbiasa membaca, tahu makna kalimat, atau terbiasa dengan causative verb 

31. Since the 1950′s the city of Baltimore has financed several major programs of urban renew, including rebuilding the Inner Harbor.
Pembahasan Jawaban: renew --> renewable. Adjective + Noun

32. Paintings of a religious, ceremonial, or history character tend to elevate their subjects above the level of ordinary existence.
Pembahasan Jawaban: history --> historical. adjective + noun atau bisa dari materi parallel structure religious (adj.), ceremonial (adj.), historical (adj.)

33. For at least 4,000 years, Native American artists adorned rocks, cliff walls, and caves in the American Southwest with an amazing various of symbolic figures.
Pembahasan Jawaban: various --> variety. a + noun atau Noun + of

34. Animal researchers have identified many behavioral patterns associated with selection a place to live, avoiding predators, and finding food.
Pembahasan Jawaban: to live --> living. Parallel Structure: living, avoiding, finding

35. Average world temperatures have risen on half a degree Celsius since the mid-nineteenth century.
Pembahasan Jawaban: risen on --> risen by. risen + by

36. The plan connected the Hudson River with Lake Erie by a canal was first proposed in the late eighteenth century.
Pembahasan Jawaban: connected --> connecting. Pahami makna dari kalimat

37. Why certain plants contain alkaloids remains a mystery, although botanists have formulated a number of theory to explain it.
Pembahasan Jawaban: theory --> theories. a number + plural nouns 

38. Dimness of light will not harm the eyes any more than taking a photograph in dimly light can harm a camera.
Pembahasan Jawaban: dimly light --> dim light. adjective + noun -dimly (adverb) & dim (adjective)

39. Contemporary film directors, some of them write the scripts for, act in, and even produce their own motion pictures, are thereby assuming even more control of their art.
Pembahasan Jawaban: some of them --> some of whom. Masuk dimateri adjective Clause 

40. Petroleum it is composed of a complex mixture of hydrogen and carbon.
Pembahasan Jawaban: it is --> is. Double subject

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