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Soal Latihan dan Jawaban: Causative Have & Get

Soal Latihan dan Jawaban: Causative Have & Get

Causative have / get + past pasrticiple (VIII) digunakan untuk mengekspresikan sesuatu yang dikerjakan oleh orang lain.
- He must have (get) his car repaired.
  (Dia harus meminta orang lain memperbaiki mobilnya)
- I had (got) my shoes cleaned.
  (Saya meminta seseorang untuk mencuci sepatu saya)

Contoh Soal Latihan

Directions: Buatlah kalimat baru yang mempunyai makna sama dengan setiap kalimat di bawah dengan menggunakan pola have / get + object + past pasrticiple (VIII). 
1. Someone washed my car for me yesterday.
Jawaban: I had (got) my car washed yesterday.

2. Someone doesn't clean them for us every day.
3. I asked someone to paint the gate last week.
4. Someone tuned her piano for her yesterday.
5. Somebody will have to see it for you.
6. I asked a man to mend my shoes.
7. Somebody sends Maisie her dresses from Paris.
8. Your hair wants cutting. You must
9. Tell someone to translate it into English.
10. Our season tickets need renewing. We must
11. I'll ask someone to make a new one.
12. We ordered somebody to whitewash the ceiling.
13. Order someone to send it round to the house.
14. The knives want sharpening. We must
15. We must find somebody to chop all this wood up.
16. Tell him to take another photograph.
17. I'm going to tell someone to add an extra room.
18. Your car wants servicing. You must
19. He asked his tailor to lengthen the trousers.
20. Tell someone to bring it to you on a tray.

Kunci Jawaban:

2. We don't have them every day.
3. I got the gate painted last week.
4. She had the piano tuned yesterday.
5. You will have to have it seen to.
6. I had my shoes mended.
7. Mary has her dresses (made and) sent from Paris.
8. You must have your hair cut.
9. Have it translated into English.
10. We must have our season tickets renewed.
11. I will have a new one made.
12. We had the ceiling whitewashed.
13. Have it send round to the house.
14. We must have the knives sharpened.
15. We must have all this wood chopped up.
16. Have another photograph taken.
17. I am going to have an extra room added.
18. You must have your face lifted.
19. He had his trousers lengthened.
20. Have it brought to you on a tray.

Note: Have = get; has = gets; had = got

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