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Answer Key with the Explanation for the TOEFL iBT Reading (Beowulf)

Answer Key with Explanation for the TOEFL iBT Reading (Beowulf)
the TOEFL iBT Reading
1. C
Beowulf was written by an anonymous [author unknown] Englishman in Old English."
Choice A is not correct because it is one of lour surviving manuscripts. Choice B is not correct because it was written in old English about Germanic characters. Choice 0 Is not correct because scholars do not know it it is the sole surviving epic: from about A.O. 1000.

2. B
''Although Beowulf was written by an anonymous Englishman in Old English, the tale takes place in that part of Scandinavia from which [that part of Scandinavia] Germanic tribes emigrated to England."

3. A
"Iron was accessible everywhere in Scandinavia, usually in the form of 'bog iron' found in the layers of peat In peat bogs.' Choice B Is not correct because the author had already stated that the best swords had iron or Iron-edged blades. Choice C Is not correct because the Celts taught the Northmen how to use the materials, but they did not provide the bog iron. Choice D is not correct because the bog iron does not relate to the date. although 500 B.C. is mentioned as the time when the Northmen learned how to forge Iron.

4. A
Society in Anglo-Saxon England paraphrases 'Anglo-Saxon society.' . .. both advanced paraphrases '"neither primitive,' and cultured paraphrases"nor "nor uncultured." Two negatives [Nor and -un] produce an affirmative meaning.

5. B
In this passage, rare is a synonym for 'unique.' Context comes from the reference 10 the "sole surviving epic" in the beginning of the same sentence.

6. B
' . .. the original manuscript was probably lost during the ninth century .. . , in which the Danes
destroyed the Anglo-Saxon monasteries and their great libraries.' Choice A is true but it Is not the reason that scholars believe the original manuscript was lost. Choice C is not correct because the Danes were Invaders. not poets. Choice D is not correct because the location of the discovery is not mentioned, although the author may have been a monk.

7. D
Although the Beowulf manuscript was written In about A.D. 1000, it was not discovered until the seventeenth century.' Choice A is not correct because the first century was the data the manuscript as written. not discovered. Choice B Is not correct because the ninth century was the date when the original manuscript may have been lost. Choice C is not correct because some scholars think that the manuscript was written in the eleventh century.

8. A Because the word "apparently" means "appearing to be so,' the author is expressing doubt about the information that follows, ' . .. [the BeowuIf poet] was a Christian.' Choice B is not correct because the word "obviously" would be used. Choice C is not correct because the phrases "for example" or for Instance' would Signal an example. Choice D Is not correct because evidence would not be presented as "appearing to be so.'

9. A
' ... Beowulf is a very appealing hero . . . Like Hercules.' Choice B is not correct because a light with a dragon is mentioned in reference to Beowulf but not to Hercules. Choice C Is not correct because the Danish hero's welcome is the only reference to a speech, and It was jealous, not Inspiring. Choice D is not correct because the lime period for the of Hercules is not mentioned.

10. B
In this passage, demonstrates is a synonym for "exhibits.'

11 . C
In this passage, refuse Is a synonym for 'reject: Context comes from the contrast with "accept" in the previous sentence.

12. B Addition Is a transitional device that connects the Insert sentence with the previous sentence.
Moreover signals that additional, related Information will follow. " ... they (scholars) disagree" refers to "Scholars do not know" In the previous sentence.

13. E, D, F summarize the passage. Choice A Is true, but it Is a minor point that establishes the time
period for the poem and refers to major point D. Choice B is true, but it is a detail that refers to
major point E and explains why there may be only one manuscript. Choice C is not clear from
the Information In the passage.

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